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What is GentleMax Pro used for?The Candela GentleMax Pro is most often used for removing unwanted hair throughout the body. It also treats brown spots, hyperpigmentation, blue facial veins, venous lakes, uneven pigmentation, rosacea, vascular lesions, and pigmented lesions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment varies in prices from person to person depending on their individual goals. To know more please book an appointment.

What is laser therapy and how does it work? The laser creates a beam of high-intensity light that penetrates deeply into the skin tissue, where it delivers a controlled amount of targeted therapeutic heat. Candela’s patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) technology protects the superficial layers of the skin with a cool burst of cryogen before the laser energy penetrates the skin. Together, the long-pulse laser and either the DCD or air-cooling offers optimal treatment with minimal side effects.

  • The number of sessions depends on the area of the body, treatment required and the condition of the skin. 
  • For hair removal, multiple treatments are required expecting approximately 6-8 treatments , as the process is most effective when the hair is in its active growth phase. 
  • Other conditions may clear up with only one treatment, but many factors impact the efficacy of individual laser treatments, including the severity of the condition being treated.
  • If you suffer from PCOS you may expect to need more treatments due to the condition, however you will still notice a decrease in hair growth. 
  • It is recommended that the patient shave the treatment area within 24 – 48 hours prior to treatment.  The patient must not tweeze, wax, or pluck the treatment area for six weeks prior to treatment. 
  • The treatment area must be free of make-up, lotion, deodorant, and ointments. It must be “squeaky clean”. Ensure that the skin is dry prior to the treatment.
  • The treatment area should not be exposed to sunlight or to tanning booth light prior to or immediately after treatment.  Before the laser treatment, prevention of sun exposure and use of a Sunblock with at least SPF 30 is recommended for the treatment area. 
  • You can use a 1064 nm wavelength to treat skin that was tanned at least one – two weeks prior to the treatment. 
  • Never treat skin that was tanned within less than one week of treatment! You can use a 755 nm wavelength to treat skin that was tanned at least three – four weeks prior to the treatment. 
  • If the patient is using a sunless tanner, first exfoliate the treatment area thoroughly to remove all residue. Do not use the 755 nm wavelength to treat skin that has been tanned within less than three weeks of treatment. 
  • If there is a history of Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), prophylactic treatment antiviral therapy may be prescribed.

Recovery after an ND YAG laser treatment is usually minimal. You may experience some mild swelling, redness, itching, or scabbing at the treatment site, but this should not prohibit you from your daily activities.

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