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Welcome to Bellissima Aesthetics & Wellness Center, where we specialize in offering quality and holistic aesthetic treatments for men and women. Our location is private and secluded, ensuring your visit will be the perfect getaway for rejuvenation. At Bellissima, we're results driven and pride ourselves in working with you to ensure your treatment is customized to fit your personal aesthetic, anti-aging, weight loss, Hair restoration goals. We strive to be the best and keep adding more exciting and new treatment options!

Thank you for your intrest in our services. We are excited to announce our new and latest additions to the practice to adderess all skin types and all aesthetic and medical conditions. We are working hard to provide detailed information on the website. Meanwhile if additional information on our services needed please do not hesitate to contact us or make an appointment for free consultation at 779-254-2305

Medical Treatments

  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Melasma
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Vascular Lesions-Face
  • Laser Vein Removals
  • Rosacea
  • Migraine Headaches
  • TMJ
  • Medical Weight Loss

Jalaja V. Piska, MD

Jalaja V Piska, MD is board certified anesthesiologist and pain management specialist. Dr. Piska has a broad area of knowledge and understanding of the whole body having worked in anesthesia and knowing and dealing with all specialties.

As an anesthesiologist, she has worked with physicians and surgeons in every specialty. She continued to build expertise in other areas of medicine such as Aesthetics, anti-aging, weight loss and hormonal replacement and integrative medicine.

Dr. Piska did Internship in Michigan state university affiliated program at Hurley medical center. Residency in anesthesiology at Loyola university and Interventional pain management fellowship at Northwestern university.

“Beauty is not just the external thing, it’s a reflection of inner self. So, I like to treat people from in and out as a whole person”.  I always tried to give the best results to my patients in treating pain on the medical aspect of the practice.  I always did customized treatments to individual person not just following the one size fits all mentality.  I always try to be striven to be the best in any field I am involved.

I met with an accident in 2000 and has glass went into my face and needed 4 hours of reconstructive surgery. I had lot of scars on my face for many years. It was shocking for me that other than applying makeup I cannot have a permanent solution. I wanted a solution to treat my issues permanently and just masking was not an option for me. I started to learn and explore natural remedies and then to understand the skin and anatomy made me an expert to understand the aesthetics or world of beauty not just for myself but for the people who needs help.

I always tried to be the best in any field I had been to and helping people with pain, psychological issues through counselling and aesthetic world for skin and antiaging issues.

Dr. Piska has broad knowledge and understanding of all ethnic backgrounds and all skin types. Every ethnic background has certain aesthetic issues and challenges so same treatment does not work with everyone. I have treatment plans for all ethnic backgrounds and all skin types.

With her unparallel knowledge of injectables, lasers, PDO threads and regenerative injectable like PRP, exosomes and amnio allograft, she has combined this knowledge into creating combination treatment protocols, with a well-rounded approach to treating the patient as a whole and not just a wrinkle.